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 I had the opportunity to work with Anne during a time of significant change, making a transition from being head of the UNICEF office in a lower middle income country in Asia to head of office in a larger low income country in Africa. She accompanied my journey over several months and helped me to manage complex and sometimes difficult situations, within the office and with external partners. Anne has excellent coaching skills and a wealth of experience, which she uses in a very constructive and supportive manner to help refine leadership. She further has a very pleasant personality and is able to generate positive energy. I would be very happy to work with her again.


Rudolf S. 

Head of Office


UNICEF House, Lilongwe

Anne’s coaching has effectively helped me think through strategies to better advocate for my team and find our role in our agency. I head the strategy team within a previously creative dominated organization. We are in the middle of a merger with a larger firm. A big part of my role has been to identify where strategy should play, and find a pathway to allow us to deliver value. Over the past 6 months, Anne has helped me to visualize opportunities and build my confidence to have tough discussions, advocate for my team, and better educate others on the value we deliver. Overall, our sessions have helped me to make positive changes quickly and to set my team and I up for success.


Jessica C.

Head of Strategy & UX

Jam 3

I co-founded Foundant Technologies and lead the company as CEO for 15 years. When my soul knew it was time to step down as CEO both for my personal well being and for the good of the company, I knew I need support in designing my exit strategy. Transitions like this are full of challenges inside of the company and within the impacted human beings. 


Anne coached me to navigate my personal battles with identity and ego to gracefully step aside, choose the right successor and execute on a transition plan to set everyone up for success.


The past 18 months have been some of the most challenging times of my professional career and I’m happy to report that Foundant is thriving and I’m fulfilled to be in my happy place of creating new endeavors that are aligned with values. These results would not have been possible without the support and guidance (and sometimes tough love) that Anne provided along the way.  


Daren N.

Co-founder, board member and retired CEO

Foundant Technologies,Inc.

I highly recommend Anne to any executive who is looking for a practical, pragmatic and productive coach.  She listens well, asks insightful questions, and suggests actionable techniques.  What has impressed me the most is how she created an environment of trust which allowed a cynic like me to open up and truly discover things about myself that I needed to acknowledge before I could improve and then sustain the results that lead to great cohesiveness in my team. 



VP & Chief Security Officer


I needed an exceptional coach to help me to make the UNICEF programme teams exceptional. To lead them through a change management process and prepare the next strategic plan. With Anne Auburn as my coach I started a learning journey, raising my self-awareness and becoming an authentic and self-assured manager/leader. The outcome of the process is an elevated team spirit and improved level of cooperation, competency and commitment.


Henriette A.

Deputy Director Programme


I had the pleasure of working with Anne Auburn for six months through a Leadership Development Program sponsored by my company. I was not sure what to expect from coaching, and from my first session with Anne, I felt comfortable to share my concerns, challenges, and even embarrassments from work. Over the course of our time together, we talked through issues, and these discussions greatly increased my self-awareness. While still a work in progress, I’m better able to work through challenging situations, drawing on the tips and techniques I’ve learned from Anne (focusing on “how” and “what!”). Anne has also helped me identify my core values, which has helped guide and even streamline my decision making both inside and outside of work. And most importantly, Anne’s perspective has helped me work with others to focus on best outcomes for our company.

I have enjoyed working with Anne, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to increase self-awareness, gain confidence in leadership, and increase empowerment and productivity of their team. 


Suzanne M. P., P.E., S.E., LEED AP

Associate Principal

Buro Happold | Structures

I am very thankful for the opportunity to work together during the Early Career Leadership Program (ECLP) for LafargeHolcim.  She was quickly able to target how I need to clarify my future and planning ahead.  In addition she offered such practical insights around issues I was working through in my current role.  I found our sessions to be insightful and very helpful. I believe the result of our work strongly contributed to the promotion that I just received to Sr. Director.  Thank you again for taking a personal interest in my development.  



Jayme A. 

Director Human Resources


I have been coached by Anne for a year and her support, insights and coaching skills have been critical in my personal career development. Anne has enabled me to think differently and helped me to develop more effective management skills alongside a greater sense of awareness and self-confidence. After years of Leadership Development programs, I have found our coaching to be the most productive and sustainable investment. During our time coaching, I also received a substantial promotion. Anne is great fun to work with, extremely perceptive and I am extremely grateful. 


Adrian F.

Managing Director


Head of DCM, 

Northern Europe

BNP Paribas

I'm deeply thankful to Anne and for this experience. I felt listend to. I was challenged to identify root causes and come up with solutions. I received guidance around communication, organization and boundary-setting that WORKED! And I was held accountable.
It's pretty amazing what we covered And I am clear on the work that has to continue to improve the quality of my thoughts, clarity of my goals, and therefore my experience.

                                 Cedriann M.        UNAIDS

"Anne Auburn's facilication was the most powerful and impactful presentation I have experienced throughout the summit and fortunately it was followed by an equally thought-provoking, insightful and educational IM Session. The passion and intellect flowed through the diverse group with compassion and understanding. Anne was an outstanding facilitator to not only include all participants and acknowledge all points of view but to stimulate the discussion with well placed questions. Thank You."   


Facilitation for WBECS Summit 

This was a really tough topic. Anne did a great job being thoughtful and giving space to allow transparency as the IM Session facilitator. I really learned a lot.


World Business & Executive Coach Summit  Facilitator


Anne Auburn provided excellent coaching services / sessions. We used examples from current job context I chose to work on with her. I would like to highlight the importance of the  being prepared with topics to go deeply into each session. The exercises were very helpful and I was able to applying directly. The exercises on reflecting and utilizing my core values are having a lasting impact.            

Dr. Markus B.   


Excellent IM session, facilitator and group participation. Anne does a wonderful job of maintaining order to guide the cadence of the group and discussions well without feeling rushed or excluded. Great insights and takeaways thanks!     

WBECS  - World Business Executive Coaching Summit  


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