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Life Off the Map



Entrepreneurs are in a class all by themselves. They venture into the world of ideas to create innovation that materializes as businesses, inventions, services and new thought forms out of what could be described as thin air. In reality, they are keen observers, prolific question askers, playful spirits, risk takers, visionaries, agile synthesizers of ideas, and cultivators of change. 


As a coach, I love dancing with these energetic individuals in this “what if” arena.  I offer a container of safety and trust, in which they can hear themselves articulating their stream of consciousness, to ask open-ended questions for promoting new perspectives, to turn ideas upside down and inside out, to test their practicable and financial viability, and, most importantly, to find out how their “dream” lines up with their core values.

Life Transitions:


When your life has been interrupted and you

don't know where you're going due to: 

  • Divorce

  • Serious Illnesses

  • Layoffs

  • Financial Crisis

  • Mid-life Career Transition

  • Empty Nest

  • Care of Aging Parents

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