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Radical Aging

How can you stay relevant and purposeful? What is your outlook on a day to day basis that has you  feeling excited by life? Connected to the world?  Continuing to make investments in your bodies, mind and spirits?

Radical Aging is for those who are ready to regenerate themselves and inspire younger generations to live more fully. It invites you to live for adventure and to see the world in wonderment while embracing balance.


Adventure is not always traveling to other countries. It is a life view which can generate aliveness even in mundane tasks of daily life, like brushing your teeth. Every moment is precious.


I will challenge you to think outside societal constraints; to question your own stories; to see what's blocking you from aging vibrantly. I want you to make age irrelevant. Then that which is revealed as important will be your aliveness and your connection to love based relationships and purposeful actions. 

I choose to live my own age radically--I am a woman who embraces adventure and is deeply in love with my life and I will encourage you to do the same with yours. Yes, learning this kind of love means you will be vulnerable,  courageous, and live your unique truth. And you will feel ageless as a result.



60th Birthday Present: Racing School, Monterey CA

70th Birthday Present: NASA Space Camp, Huntsville, AL

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